The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. - Edward M. Kennedy (February 1972, Dhaka)


Resonance 2.0 by YSSE

YSSE organized “Resonance 2.0”, the second volume of their event series “Resonance” on 8th October, 2017 at the EMK Center. The Youth School for Social Entrepreneur- YSSE is a youth-led organization established in February... ..Read more

Entrepreneurs Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) took place from November 18-24, 2013. GEW was the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launched startups that brought ideas to life, drove economic growth and... ..Read more

Startup Bangladesh

Startup Bangladesh was held on January 30, 2016. It was a program for entrepreneurs who are in growth stage and E-commerce. Considering the importance of E-commerce and entrepreneurship in the modern context, it was... ..Read more