The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. - Edward M. Kennedy (February 1972, Dhaka)


Master Class with Labu Rahman

Labu Rahman is an esteemed guitarist who has been in the Bangladeshi rock music scene from its early days. The 5 hour-long event was a music workshop where participants got the opportunity to learn all the cool tricks and skills that the artiste had accumulated over the... ..Read more

Workshop on Theory of Film Making

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF FILM AND MEDIA (IAFM) is an academic institution that works to create opportunities of employment for the participants as well as enabling them to work independently and efficiently. Their goal is to provide the proper training needed to build the capacity of media workers... ..Read more

Daniel Pearl World Music Day – Sarod Vandana

This year the Edward M Kennedy Center for Public Service & the Arts featured two eminent artistes from India – Sri Arnab Bhattacharya and Sri Sudip Chatterjee on a special EMK Happy Hour show titled “Sarod Vandana” to observe the Daniel Pearl World Music Day on October... ..Read more

EMK@5 Celebrations

EMK Center held a grand celebration on the occasion of its 5th Anniversary in operation on 29th and 30th September, 2017. Let’s go back a few weeks. Telephones buzzing, papers flying, fast footsteps, excited speaking and animated faces – this was the scene at the Edward M Kennedy... ..Read more

Elvis Is Everywhere: Brain Offenther

"Elvis is Everywhere: A Mess of Red, White, and Blues" was a multimedia presentation by educator/event producer Brian Offenther concerning Elvis Presley, along with a special performance of Elvis songs by Adam Crossley. The presentation focused on 3 specific issues: the life/times of Elvis; Offenther's work in... ..Read more

Nari Nokkhotro (It’s a SHE Thing)

“Bonhishikha- Unlearn Gender” staged “Nari Nokkhotro” at the EMK Center on the 23rd September, 2017. “Nari Nokkhotro” is the Bengali version of “It’s a SHE Thing”, a widely acclaimed play by the same group. “It’s a SHE THING” was produced first in 2015, which tells the tales... ..Read more

HOPE – An Exhibition by PAW Foundation

HOPE was a weeklong exhibition organized by the PAW Foundation, held at the EMK Center, started from 29th July, 2017. PAW (People for Animal Welfare) Foundation is a non-profit organization that works diligently for animal welfare awareness issues in Bangladesh. The initiative was launched by the foundation... ..Read more

Jazz Evening by Imran Ahmed Trio

EMK Happy Hour featured the Imran Ahmed Trio on the show “Jazz Evening”, held on 13th May, 2017 at the EMK Center. The show kicked off at 7PM, and into the night they went with grooves and the blues for two hours of absolute jazz bliss. Imran Ahmed... ..Read more

Bob Dylan “Forever Young”

EMK Happy Hour featured Stone Free on the show as they paid tribute to the lyrics and music of Bob Dylan, at the EMK Center on 29th April, 2017. The band presented their rendition of some of the greatest hits of Dylan including Mr. Tambourine Man, Knockin’... ..Read more

Chol Mon Anonde Jai with Waqeel

EMK Happy Hour featured Syed Waqeel Ahad on the show “Chol Mon Anonde Jai”, on April 15, 2017. Singer-composer-lyricist Waqeel performed a number of Baul songs during the show. The songs represented the root of the heritage of Bangladeshi music. His selection of songs also marked the... ..Read more

Shaajher Dhowni: An Evening of Ragas

EMK Happy Hour featured Ms Samia Mahbub Ahmad on the show “Shaajher Dhowni” that took place at the EMK Center on 16th February, 2017. It was an evening of Hindustani Classical music, in the Kirana Gharana, to celebrate Ragas, Rasas and Taalas that have time-travelled throughout the centuries,... ..Read more

DIN DIN Pratidin: Samina Hussain

EMK Moves featured choreographer-performer Ms Samina Husain Prema and her group on the dance recital ‘Din Din Protidin’ on 25th February, 2017. The recital explored the ways in which urban and rural communities helped each other and society through their individual hard work, leading to healthy and... ..Read more

Bangladesh Peace & Harmony Week 2017

A photo exhibition was organized at the EMK Center to observe the Bangladesh Peace & Harmony Week 2017. Honourable U.S. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat inaugurated the event on February 6, 2017 which ran till 20th February, 2017. A small award-giving ceremony was held on the final day of... ..Read more

Exhibition – Looking for Heaven

The EMK Center proudly hosted a solo art exhibition by young aspiring artist Nazmus Sakib, from the 5th till the 30th of August, 2017 at the exhibition space of the center. By profession, Sakib is both an artist and a graphic designer, who had a soft corner... ..Read more

Film Screening-Legend of the Loom

EMK Center with Drik showcased the screening of the film “Legend of the Loom” on 13th August, 2017.The documentary film was a production of the Drik-Bengal Muslin Project. It took the audience on a journey from the riverbanks of Bangladesh to the techniques practiced to create the... ..Read more

Unstable Poetry: Performance

This program was hosted on October 20, 2012. It started a new era in Bangladeshi poetry. A poet, comedian and journalist based in Cambridge, UK, Ross Sutherland was working with ten upcoming Bangladeshi poets to revamp the poetry scene in Bangladesh. Ross focused much of his work... ..Read more

Music Early Folk Traditions of America

This interesting session was held on October 9, 2012. The songs were performed by Chotu Khan (vocals), Imran Rabbani (harmonica), & Neda Shakiba (vocals) and Nabil Salahuddin (keyboard) from the band S.O.S. The performance, which was curated by Naila Azad Nupur, showcased the history of 20th century... ..Read more

Play, Zoo story by Edward Albee

EMK center presented the performance of American Playwright Edward Albee’s first play on November 10 & 11, 2012. In this play, Albee explored themes of isolation and loneliness. It was considered typical of the 'Theatre of the Absurd' genre. Directed and designed by Naila Azad Nupur, this... ..Read more

Hai ramu! Shadhona Commision 02

EMK Center presented a dance performance, ‘Hai Ramu!’ at 6:30 pm on November 27, 2012. ‘Hai Ramu!’ was the 2nd of a series of 6 new choreographies that Shadhona was created with the support of the EMK Center. The artistic direction came from Lubna Marium and the choreographers... ..Read more

Midori String Quartet

The musical performance was held at 8 p.m. on Sunday, December 23, 2012. Internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Midori Goto, visited Bangladesh as part of her 2012 ‘Music Sharing’ program. Logistical support for this tour was provided by the United Nations. Performing... ..Read more

Installation: Dhamrai Metal Craft

The exhibition ran from 27 September to 10 October, 2013. Some of the greatest creations of Banik’s family who had continued the business for 200 years were on the exhibition. The family made bronze metal figures following the lost wax method. It is to be stated that... ..Read more

Stone Free Live at EMK Center

Dhaka's favorite classic rock & blues cover band, Stone Free performed live at the EMK Center on Friday, May 31. The band line-up contained Chotu (vocals and guitar), Mishu (bass), Fahim (guitar and vocals), Nadeer (percussion and vocals) and Emon (drums). The month of May program was... ..Read more

Good Night Mother

EMK Center, in association with ‘Stage One Dhaka’ brought the play ‘Goodnight Maa’, inspired by Pulitzer award winning ‘Night Mother’, by Marsha Normanon on June 2, 2013 for the first time. The play was directed by Wahida Mollik Joli, renowned actress and Assistant Professor of the Department... ..Read more

Good Night Mother

On the evening of May 21st, 2014; EMK Center, in association with ‘Stage One Dhaka’ brought the play ‘Goodnight Maa’, inspired by Pulitzer award winning ‘Night Mother’, by Marsha Norman for the second time. The play was directed by Wahida Mollik Joli, renowned actress and Assistant Professor... ..Read more

EMK Platform Presents : Trio Night

A full fledged classical performance was presented as Trio Night on July 24, 2014. This set was roughly depicted to be a first in our country where the tunes of the guitar added alongside the quintessential classical percussion. It was a fusion musical performance. This performance consisted... ..Read more

Los Amigos

On the evening of 25th March, the Edward M. Kennedy Center opened its doors for everyone to witness what turned out to be a spectacular musical feast. The EMK Center was painted Latin with the jazzy and funky grooves from the wonderful Quintet, the premier Latin Jazz... ..Read more

Next Level Hip Hop

A program of cultural exchange and violence resolution through hip hop was held from November 6 to 15, 2014. The program was launched by US ambassador Dan Mozena. ..Read more

The Mad Show

An interactive workshop named “The Mad Show” was held on December 22, 2014. The workshop was conducted by underrated talented youth on tech, storytelling and creativity. ..Read more

EMK Center and Paraa Presents : Qawali Night

Paraa organized an evening of Qawali music in the closing day of their recent event Exhibition: unlimited dreams in a limited space at the EMK Center on January 30, 2014. The Qawals are popular local artists and also part of the Urdu-speaking camp dwelling quality. Niaz Khan... ..Read more

Bodhi Trio Workshop and Concert

“The Bodhisattwa Trio”, an experimental rock outfit was hosted on September 3, 2014. With belief in the expression of unadulterated human feelings in the form of unrefined powerful sounds created from energy deep within the human soul the performance was delivered by Bijit Bhattacharya on bass... ..Read more

EMK Platform presents Shan Gazal Night

Shaan’s Gazal Night, a musical presentation of Shaan, a singer based in Dhaka, was held on October 23, 2014. The performance contained a playlist of contemporary eastern music. Poetry which was part of the performance was recited by Samiul Islam Poluck. ..Read more

Symphony of Needle-Work An Embroidery Exhibition

‘Symphony of Needle-Work’, a 10 days long embroidery exhibition was held at EMK Center from 15 June to 25 June, 2015. The exhibition was inaugurated by Her excellency U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Ms. Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat and Managing Director of Transcom Foods Ltd & Trustee of... ..Read more

Sacred Harmony: An Exhibition by Tasleema Alam

Sacred Harmony: An Exhibition by Tasleema Alam was held from September 12 to September 22, 2015, where Islamic art was featured blended with local techniques. The works in the exhibition were by Tasleema Alam, best known as an artist, designer and educator. The artist wished to convey the... ..Read more

EMK Happy Hour : A Journey of Beats

EMK Happy Hour : A Journey of Beats was held on September 19, 2015 which featured young and talented Tabla player Mir Naqibul Islam, a young classical artist of this generation. He was a regular performer in the classical music arena of Bangladesh both as a soloist... ..Read more

Flowers and Threads: Art Project with Garment Workers

Flowers and Threads: Art Project with Garment Workers was held from November 22, 2015. “Flowers and Threads” was an installation that established and developed relationships between Bangladeshi artists, garment workers and other interested citizens, and North American artists, garment workers and women’s groups. Across difference of geography,... ..Read more

Photography Exhibition: Theory of Colors

EMK Center organized a solo photography exhibition by Jyoti Omi Chowdhury titled as "The Theory of Colors" starting from December 1, 2015. “Zur Farbenlehre” or “The Theory of Colors” was a fusion between fashion photography and unfinished paintings and drawings. The series showcased a binary elucidation of... ..Read more

Mythology 101

This play, was held on December 19, 2015. The play was based on Greek mythology with 7 to 9 performers. The play was directed by Dominic Gomes of StageOne Dhaka. An arrangement of several Greek mythological characters with tragic ending including Phaedra, Theseus, Hippolytus, Eurydice, Diomedes and... ..Read more

World Tourism Promotion

“Bangladesh Tourism Year 2016: Regional Connectivity through Cultural Tourism & Promoting Ecotourism and Community Engagement” was held on January 4, 2016. EMK Center , in partnership with “AJIYER Community Based Tourism”, hosted the exhibition to celebrate the year of tourism. Rashed Khan Menon, the Honorable Minister of Civil... ..Read more

EMK Happy Hour Presents “Ek Bangalir Upakhyan”

EMK Happy Hour Presents "Ek Bangalir Upakhyan" was held on 29 May, 2016. Workshop/performance with "Ek Bangalir Upakhyan " was a project that lived up to its name that translated into 'the tales from a bengali bloke'. A brainchild of globe trotting Bassist/Music Producer Mainak 'Bumpy' Nag Chowdhury,... ..Read more

Manifestation of the Human

A drawing exhibition by Md. Mainuddin was held from October 8 to October 20, 2016. Charcoal and oil color were his favorites, because for him they were the most basic materials and were ideal for making large-scale works. He wanted to experience the struggling faces of general people... ..Read more

Exhibition “Burnt Clay by Tayabuzzaman Topu”

Burnt Clay, a solo terracotta exhibition by Tayabuzaaman Topu was held from November 1 to 13, 2016. Moreover, a clay workshop with underprivileged youth from Dhaka and beyond was held where they were engaged throughout the course of a month. They were given basic training about handling... ..Read more

YOUTH – An Exhibition by Nobo Kumar Bhadra

The exhibition by Nobo Kumar Bhadra was held from December 15 to December 30, 2016. Nobo Kumar Bhadra’s regular artworks usually involved portrayal of commercial cinema culture of Bangladesh of a certain time period but took a shift towards drawing animals in 2013. He used vibrant colors... ..Read more

Classic Arts event

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Storytelling with Sarees Exhibition

Storytelling with Sarees Exhibition by Monica Bose continued in the month of August and the closing ceremony was held on August 7, 2014. The artist's passion about her work was presented at the event and the event was attended by Honorable Cultural Minister and Liberation War Museum... ..Read more