The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. - Edward M. Kennedy (February 1972, Dhaka)



The mission of the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Arts is to engage, inspire, connect and empower citizens of all ages to better themselves, their communities and the world.

The EMK Center recognizes the potential of a person and provides a platform to showcase their aptitude. We respect the ability of the youth to see what is possible, what should be, and their potential to make it so.


The EMK Center firmly believes that even one person has the power to bring on positive change through public service. Be it through volunteerism, through one’s career, through fostering entrepreneurship, etc. Public service has tremendous potential to transform our societies. The Center extends support to any organization or individual who is willing to dedicate time and effort to bring about change through the engagement of youth. The Center’s objective is to connect individuals and organizations to each other, support them and create a synergy that is beneficial to Bangladesh both in the short and the long run.