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MakerLab TOUR

Makerlab at EMK Center

Description : EMK MakerLab is a state of the art experimental space that provides working environments for local manufacturers, designers and educators, including access to mechanical, technical equipments, that facilitate their work. It is a public place that helps an individual to broaden their scope with the aid of technology and digitalization. It is also a technical skill development platform that offers various workshops and is equipped with 3D printers, 3D scanner, MAC PCs, Sensors, Microcontrollers, number of high-performance PCs and Music Studio. This is the place where imagination, inspiration and innovation go hand in hand.

Spondon Studio at EMK Center

Description : Spondon Studio is a creative studio inside of EMK MakerLab but which is separated by Soundproof panel. It’s an Ideal place for recording, mixing mastering of song. Spondon Studio is equipped with state of the arts Workstation for video and sound editing